Dr. Hugh Porter holding a baby at hospital in sydney

Dr. Hugh Porter

I describe myself as enthusiastic, supportive and relaxed. I will take the time to understand your pregnancy needs, goals and concerns.

I believe in the natural process of labour and will happily avoid unnecessary medical intervention. Of course, I am a skilled surgeon capable of performing a safe instrumental delivery or complex caesarean section should the need arise.

My training at Royal North Shore Hospital and Westmead Hospital (Sydney’s busiest birthing unit) exposed me to almost every pregnancy issue there is. I am well equipped to support your pregnancy, regardless of whether you’re fit and healthy or have significant medical or pregnancy complications.

I love all things pregnancy and childbirth, and would be thrilled to look after you, your partner and your baby.

My Family

“My wife works as a medical oncologist (cancer specialist) on Sydneys Northern Beaches. We have a wildly energetic three year old son, and beautiful baby girl. My wife had two beautiful natural births, without pain relief or external electronic monitoring”


Dr. Hugh Porter with wife and kid in Sydney